Honouring Mothers

Honouring Mothers
Saturday, 09 May 2009


Mother’s Day is the day we pay respects to those most special of people. A day when we remember that who we are, our successes and very existence, is thanks only to those who brought us into the world. A day when we are thankful for those who continue to guide us, whether present or not.

I remember the guidance and supportive presence of my beloved mother while growing up as the eldest of five sons. Perhaps I was too young to fully understand the responsibilities my mother was shouldering back then as the wife of a Prime Minister. Even at my age today, I doubt I can fully comprehend the largesse and patience of my mother in standing by her sons who are now public figures themselves, constantly in the spotlight. I admire and am humbled by her grace and poise, her generosity and kindness, her wisdom and intuition throughout the years. It is our mothers who enable each of us to fulfill our potential; to fulfill the promise of our arrival; to walk the path that destiny has provided. I would like to express to my mother, Tun Rahah Mohd Noah, my eternal gratitude and love. I would not have become who I am today if not for her undying support and love for me.

We should recognise the importance of our origins, and the roles that commitment and loyalty play in our lives. Malaysia has provided generations the support and opportunity to become self-sufficient and successful. As we strive together to create 1Malaysia, by fulfilling the potential of our country, we are returning that spirit of giving and generosity.

So on this day, I salute those who have provided us guidance and support, love and direction. I would like to dedicate this day to the mother of every family in Malaysia. There is nothing that compares to the purity of a mother’s love.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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